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      Reiki master teacher, Author, Intuitive empath, MEDITATION instructor & moonbabe


April Pfender is a Reiki Master Teacher, Author, Sacred Sound alchemist, Quantum Healer and Meditation Instructor practicing in Santa Monica, California.  She is the founder of Santa Monica Healing, which focuses on reiki  and quantum healing practices.  April is passionate about guiding others to embrace their own multidimensionality through ascension work and activational retreat offerings, which she hosts throughout the year. 


She offers Meditation guidance through public classes held at Unplug Meditation, a premiere LA meditation studio - come in for a your first class free! A ceremonialist background with a plant medicine concentration, April also hosts workshops & retreats all over California, which can be found on her Events page.  She moved into teaching in order to help spread her unique blended Reiki/Quantum practice to anyone who calls themselves a Seeker of Light & Truth.


April’s lifetime path as a healer began nearly 15 years ago and has seen many evolutions in both business and personal areas since.  The winding road always bringing her back to the same path of universal heart healing and expansion. Recent projects of hers have included designing healing curriculum/programs, workshops and retreats with a focus on awakening, transformation, and women’s empowerment.


In addition to several types of RMT trainings in various Reiki Training programs, she is a designer and maker.  She now brings her direct experience of universal & lunar energy into Divinely crafted handmade crystal jewelry, merging her two passions in life - creating & healing.  All of her jewelry pieces are blessed with Reiki energy & charged with the Lunar rays of the Full Moon to balance the energy of the wearer and extend the gift of Universal Energy to all who come willing with an open heart, seeking something greater than themselves.  Her designs have been celebrated and worn on The Voice.


Her books are seeded with activation codes to encourage healing and awakening during your bold voyage of self-actualization.  Many of the meditations included in her book "Essential Chakra Meditations" were inspired and designed to awaken and connect you to your astral lightbody to make permanent and lasting change to your crystalline DNA, while supporting you in your awakening. 


An advocate of being true to your Highest Self, April believes in following your daydream, and authentic artistic expression.  She believes that reiki and meditation connects us more profoundly to ourselves and to one another, enabling our conscious community to become stronger by equipping us to bring more peace in the world. She knows that anyone can self-heal if they invest the time to uncover their inner truth.   She has lived this journey many times, and so have you.

Love & Light 



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