The Magic Wand of Universal Power comes charged with energy from Master Channeler and Akashic Records Teacher, Gisela Carta (famous in Argentina for her channeling & remarkable healing abilities).  The crystals are irradiated, and charged with a specific light code/vibration, in the Temple of Light by Archangel Metatron, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and Light Beings. 


This pieces comes on a 18" chain by default.  Sterling or Gold may be selected in the options below - our gold chains are 18k with gold-fill.  These are not plated , and will not turn your neck green or discolor. 


Magic Wand of Universal Power - Aurora Borealis

  • The Magic Wand of Universal Power crystal is called upon to assist you with all forms of self-healing, especially manifestation and creation.  This sacred crystal begins to work on your solar plexus immediately, restoring the frequency of empowerment, confidence, and strength to the wearer.  This healing crystal will help you to connect with your purpose more deeply, find your path, and unlock magic within your pursuits.   It will help your energy body to activate/ cultivate highest potential within future timelines and keep you vibrating at a frequency which will bring it all to you now.


    The crystals in the Akashic Collection help to assist in personal and global ascension.  They have their own consciousness and are always accompanied by Crystal Angels and Masters - they are the purest pranic nourishment for your soul & spirit. 


    These special New Earth gmes connect you with Higher Dimensions of the light matrix and allow you to gain greater clarity, insight and purity by activating your Merkaba (your personal light body).  They can be used to energize water, food & beverages as well as create a protective aura around your body, rooms and buildings.  


    These pieces are unlike any we have ever carried or felt in any way and we anticipate that some styles will become unavailable - please email Santa Monica Healing for any style you see that may be marked unavailable or Out of Stock.  


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